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The SST-45 Tower is based on 450mm x 450mm vertical beam that allows the safe, quick lifting of regularly loaded horizontal MT-W Truss to their service height. In terms of static, the SST-45 Tower is designed for a high flexural- and pressure strain. It is provided with
aluminum (EN-AW-6082-T6). Top frame and sleeve block. Base is made of steel to provided maximum ground traction needed due to it’s weights and supports.
Dual height adjusted on each ground support make it very rigid structure to be used indoor or outdoor.


Tolerance free conical connector system.
Build for extreme heights and loads
Steel base equipped with high quality Nylon wheels
Multi-functional Top Part for use with manual and motorized hoists
4 Side Webbing.
High stability aluminum alloy.
High wear resistance.
4 mm wall thickness of 50 mm main tube.


Height:                                       450mm

Width:                                        450mm

Main Tube:                               50×4 mm

Sub Tube:                                  30x3mm

Braces:                                      30x3mm

Material:                         EN-AW-6082 T6

Connection:                           SG2(50mm)

Top Plate & Sleeve Blocks

Made with aluminum alloy (EN-AW-6082-T6) with hook monitoring on sleeve block make it easy for use and reduce the uses of straps additional attachment can be provided for electric chain hoist with precise manufacturing the connection is error free and can be fitted easy to and fro.

Top plate can be provided with steel pulleys as well as nylon pulleys as per requirement.

Hinge set

A strong, safe and cost effective solution to erect the SST-45 Tower. The hinge sets are 100 mm long. Those half connectors with a hinge fork allow a very high vertical load.

4 Hinge sets (2 left and 2 right) are required per tower.

Base section

Base is made of steel rectangular section(122x61mm) with 4.5mm thickness fitted with Nylon wheels which ensure loads on various ground conditions with dual height adjuster on outriggers allow it to be fitted without interference half-male Sg2 connections allow the tower to be fitted with less efforts more precise.

Outriggers & Accessories

The outriggers is made with steel rectangular section (96x48mm) available in long outriggers in combination with stabilizer bars. We are using dual height adjuster for long outriggers. Next to the standard parts Devil Truss supply additional accessories, which can be demanded for different usage for stability.

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