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The Devil Truss Line Array Towers are in principal stand alone towers to erect and support big PA Cluster or Screens at a given optimum height. The Sound Towers are all designed and calculated to perform in the outdoor scene.

For each PA sizes and self weight, Devil Truss offers a matching Sound Towers solution which is easy and safe to set up, self erection PA and cost and space effective. The design of the Line Array Towers are all based on the V-shaped basement to have an angled mast to hand the PA Cluster in the right position. Each Line Array Tower requires ballast depending on the self weight and size of the PA Cluster. A Structural report for each of the Line Array Towers is available.

Devil truss carries three sound Tower Systems from 400 kg till 900 kg load with a height of 20ft till 35ft.


Combined truss, Line Array Speaker truss, Layer truss consist of pillar, horizontal pipe, diagonal pipe, adjustable base, joint pipe. Its Installations is simple, easy to use, credibility and economy cost.

It usually used in big outdoor shows and events & You can hang LED, lighting, tent, sound, led screen and banner on the truss, suitable for
displays, exhibition, show, concert, performance, events, etc., finish in a snap, very strong, convenient for set up and transportation.

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