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Expertise In Trussing

There is no doubt Devil Truss is one of the leading suppliers of Iron & Aluminium trussing system on the national market.

Great expertise a high  level of quality, efficient and modern production technology and a superb fast connection system are the pillars on which devil truss has develop a full comprehensive product range for all purpose.

Rumors like that all brands come from the same factory, all have same approvals all truss do the same trick result in less attention for the key aspects of truss. You can jeopardize the rules of rigging and as truss is major tool for hanging your lights. PA and other objects every self-respecting truss manufacturer has the duty to present and sell a safe product.

It is crucial that any truss user gather all truss information about quality, loading chart and all there is to know about trussing before purchasing or promotion a certain brand. 

Truss is made for the professionals. Working in a professional market require a professional approach

Our History

 In the year 2014 Devil truss started the production of Iron truss systems.

After the introduction of spigot connection system Devil Truss has established a modern production facility in machinery, premises and remained the best quality level in terms of products as well as high performance of the organization.

We are establishing an extensive and top class vendor’s network across the country. In 2014 Devil truss opened successfully a sales office in Rohtak, Haryana which handles all sales and deliveries in the country. A well motivated and trained team, a big stock of all popular truss types and a 24/7 mentality is the key to be the right partner for many truss users in the north.

Devil truss is ready to move forward In order to provide the Devil truss User the most suitable truss type, highest quality and best support.

In 2014 Devil truss acquired the brand Slick which operates independently and with the access of the expertise of spigot connection, Devil truss extended its product range with 4 types of spigot End Truss Systems and a Ground Support Tower System. In order to cope with the structural growth without compromising the high quality standard we have set, Devil truss production facilities has expanded.

Devil truss has always been up-fornt with the latest technology and quality standards, something that will remain one of the key aspects in the future.

Design, Flexibility, Quality and Support at the best possible price are the main characteristics that make Devil truss the leading manufacturer and supplier in Industry. Design and fabrication of custom applications is our specialty. We pride ourselves on quick response for custom projects of any sizes.

Core Values

Honesty – Our thoughts, our words, our deeds are in alignment.
Responsibility – We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results for our customers and each other.
Team – We strive to ensure that everyone within the Devil Truss family achieves excellence.
Considered Actions – We strive to achieve quality, reliability, value and sustainability.
Approachable – We endeavour to enjoy what we do and we enjoy enabling others to enjoy what they do.
Forward Thinking – We embrace and encourage everyone’s positive dreams and ideas to develop our company.
Respectful – We treat everyone as we want our families our friends and ourselves to be treated.
Devil Truss – Single line – Trussing Is Our Passion.





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